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We belong to an age of movement. Movement of ideas (of course) but also physical movement. Never before has humanity found a nomadic life to be so easy and comfortable. I'm a true child of this period. I've lived on both coasts of the US, in London, Hangzhou, and Athens.


I read, watch and consume from every continent (except Antarctica I suppose) and my stories are flavored by my nomadic experiences. I received a masters degree in Filmmaking. While this industry eats up much of my time and creative energy, I still gobble up my spare moments with personal writing; imaginative writing. 


I love it, the act of it, and I love waking up in the morning with a new story stuck in my mind. I've been jotting down my stories for years but only recently have I bothered to open them up for others to read. Regardless, although I write to please myself, there's nothing quite like giving a story away to a willing reader.

Thank you for visiting my site and joining me in my imagination.


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